Steve Lin
Music of Antonio Lauro and Agustin Barrios

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Benito Canónigos
play 1 El Totumo

Antonio Lauro
play 2 Carora
play 3 La Gatica
play 4 Vals Venezolano I "Tatiana"
play 5 Vals Venezolano II "Andreina"
play 6 Vals Venezolano III "Natalia"
play 7 Vals Venezolano IV "Yacambu"
play 8 El Negrito
play 9 El Marabino
play 10 Angostura

Agustín Barrios Mangoré
play 11 Junto a Tu Corazón - vals
play 12 Tua Imagem
play 13 Gavota al Estilo Antiguo
play 14 Choro da Saudade
play 15 Julia Florida
play 16 Primavera - vals
play 17 Villancico de Navidad
play 18 Vals Op.8, No.4
play 19 Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios

Recorded and Produced by VGo Recordings
I grew up in Taiwan, an island that, despite its size, has for many years been home to a multicultural society. Traces of Taiwanese indigenous tribal peoples, the Japanese, and the West permeated aspects of daily life, lending a certain depth and balance to the cultural blend. My father, who received training both in Taiwan and in the US, was acutely mindful of the importance of developing a broad cultural perspective and took steps to provide my sister and me with opportunities to do the same. Apart from taking up English at an early age, we were also actively involved in art and music. Although I did not immediately recognize it at the time, my ultimate path in music began shortly after my fourteenth birthday when, at my father s urging, I took up the guitar.

At first, I contented myself with strumming and singing Taiwanese folk and pops songs, but within a few months, I developed an interest in classical guitar. From that simple beginning it was only a matter of time before I discovered the captivating music of the composers featured on this CD: Antonio Lauro and Agustín Barrios. Their compositions have not only been a pleasure to perform, but they have also acted as a portal to Latin American culture. Thus the appreciation for cultural diversity that I first absorbed from my father comes full circle in this tribute to two great figures of the Herencia Latina . As a musician, it is a privilege to not only witness cross-cultural currents but also to be an active participant in the cultural dialog. Consequently, this album is the result of my engagement with multiculturalism.

- Steve Lin
"Steve Lin’s album [Imagen] presents a selection of these delightful works in performances which fully do [the works of Agustin Barrios] justice. Lin is virtuosic when needed, elegant as required, and romantic in the works which lend themselves to it."
- Albert Kunze, Soundboard Magazine

"[Steve Lin] certainly knows how to get the best from [Lauro’s] highly rhythmical and tunefully brilliant miniatures and it was a joy to hear these works played in this fashion. Lin gives brilliant renditions of [Barrios]; he plays with an instinctive intuition, his highly developed technique enabling him free rein with this highly virtuosic music."
- Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

"[A] highly skilled and sensitive musician. The result is a thrilling musical journey that reaches … climaxes. One of the most innovative and exciting discs I have ever reviewed.”
- Timothy Smith, Minor 7th Acoustic Guitar Music Reviews